Simplify, Optimize, and Scale Your Business

Collaboration results in INCREDIBLE opportunity!

Last year, I joined a small accountability group, which turned into a Mastermind within 3 months.

For nearly a year, we stayed hidden… secret. We used our small, safe, supportive space we created to help each other and ourselves grow to incredible new heights.

Now, we’re ready to come out onto the online space as an advisory board of committed specialists serving female entrepreneurs who are scaling their businesses and need support to do it. We have BIG plans!

So, as our first intro to the world, we’re putting together a week-long event.

We wanted to take our culmination of expertise and provide value to the world, without the hard pitches that take up people’s valuable time. Several of us are presenting masterclasses, workshops, and speeches to help you with simplifying, optimizing, and scaling your business. It’s called S.O.S. week and we kick off on Monday, November 5th, 2018!

I will be presenting Write to Scale: Write Your First (or Next) Book in 12 Weeks on Tuesday, November 6. To sign up and get reminders, go to

Then head over to and request to join our pop-up community!

Presentations will be live all week and we’ll have Q&As at the end of the week with our board of advisors!


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7 thoughts on “Simplify, Optimize, and Scale Your Business”

  1. I am glad that you are using your skills and expertise to help people grow their business and inspire them to persevere in the tough stuff of the business as well. I have never been part of a mastermind group before, but they sound like it could be helpful for a lot of female entrepreneurs.

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