Books I Have Edited

Books I Have Edited

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When Tala’Keahi confronts a man beating a girl in an alley, his life is changed forever.

He has spent his entire life training to be a Researcher at the renowned Institute. But suddenly, he’s the most wanted criminal in all of the known world. Rescued by two mysterious figures, Tala finds himself among the Dissidents: people who wreak havoc and don’t believe in the Gods. His whole life, Tala has feared and hated the Dissidents. Now they’re his only hope.

Bullying in the classroom is a painful experience…especially when it’s the students torturing the teacher. When history teacher Andy Gordon returns to Bumble Ridge High after summer break, he’s greeted by former failed student Nathan Hader with a scheme to not only get him fired, but also ruin his nerdy life.

Cameron and Andy have the perfect marriage, apartment, and jobs in New York City. The only thing missing is a baby. Unable to get pregnant, Cameron turns to in vitro fertilization in hopes of becoming mother. When the positive pregnancy test comes back, she thinks she can finally have it all. That is, until she gives birth and realizes her baby’s blood type is not compatible with her own.
Are You Ready to Finally Find Your Passion and Live Life to the Fullest?

What if you could wake up tomorrow feel love and happiness? What if you had a way to rediscover yourself and reclaim your life?

In Happiness Rescue: How to be Happy, Find Your Passion and Live Life to the Fullest you’ll discover a powerful and honest blueprint for transforming your life through adversity and tough times.

After thirty-four years of marriage, Margy Adams signs her final divorce papers, and immediately plunges into a guilt-ridden recovery. Not knowing how to deal with the shadows and shame of the past or three decades of loneliness and deceit, she looks for ways to move forward as a single woman.

She flounders until she enrolls in a writing class where the Pulitzer Prize-winning author encourages: “If you don’t tell your story, it will be buried with you—lost forever.”

There are those that tell stories about the legends of the Shadow Forest, of magical waters that grant your deepest desires, and of times long ago when ancient sorcerers wielded unnatural power.

After the death of her family and the appearance of strange physical changes she cannot explain, seventeen-year-old Nyla begins to wonder if she might be cursed with magic herself. Without a home and longing for the family she’s lost, Nyla retreats into herself.

We walk through life in unconscious disillusionment blind and out of sorts. We are ignorant about why we are here in this world. Not a clue of who we are and what we are meant to do. Not aware of the love and happiness we seek or the love within us we possess. 

We weren’t taught how to love ourselves as much as we were taught how to love others. We were taught how to look for love outside of ourselves. Now is the time that we become more conscious of ourselves and start to take responsibility for our lives. 

You Are Here For Something Great is the triumphant story of a man’s journey from crushing failure to ultimate success. Based in part on the true-life events of Ken Harge, a man with big dreams determined to live up to his potential. After a disappointing experience, Ken realizes that the path to greatness is not always a direct or easy one. As a result of some soul searching he decides he needs to talk to a therapist who can guide him through the peaks and valleys of his sometimes-challenging life. Through this process he learns powerfully affirming lessons. Ken’s story shows us that somewhere beyond difficulties, let-downs, and heartbreaks, lies a greatness that is within everyone’s reach.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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