Kate is a Online Learning Expert who helps entrepreneurs create amazing online courses! She has over 10 years of experience in education, including over 3 years of experience in online learning. She is passionate about promoting unique educational opportunities that exist outside of the traditional school system.

An entrepreneur, blogger, and course creator herself, she understands the needs of entrepreneurs who create online courses. Her combination of educational and entrepreneurial experience give her a unique perspective.
Unlike other course-creating “gurus” who focus solely on course marketing, Kate understands the value of effective course content and the need to engage students. Engaging students is the key to building your brand and gaining organic traffic.
When she is not creating online courses, she works as an online English teacher to children in China. She also tutors children in the U.S. in reading and math, and adults who are preparing to take teacher certification exams. Interested in tutoring? Go to http://www.kateallysoncreative.com/tutoring. In short, if she is not eating or sleeping, she is probably teaching someone something.